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Computer Screen Tests
Computer Screen Tests

In his Screen Tests, Andy Warhol manipulated the performances; the actors had a relationship with the camera that fluctuated between seduction and visual self-disclosure. In this project friends are asked to turn on the computer camera, minimize it and resume working. The idea is that they are not having a relationship with the camera yet there is an agreement of looking, of correspondence, and of interaction. The time recorded is a happening and nothing happening, an appearance and disappearance of self. Are they performing? Is there a moment when performance ceases? Do we get to witness that moment?

This project stems from various things I have observed about how we project an image and how the emphasis on the image has changed over time. From Dick Cavett interviews from the ‘70’s, to Warhol’s Screen Tests, to teenage self portraits on YouTube, to seeing someone left on Skype all day, I wonder about the assertion of a projected image to increasingly stand in for the self. Or is this a portal into us watching us watch us in a momentary relaxing of the pose?