Shaw Osha
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Notes on backscatter:

In a basic way this work is coming out of the hours spent in my studio space and on the freeway between Olympia and Seattle.

The show's title, ‘backscatter‘ is a meteorological term for the reflection of radar signals off atmospheric particles, it makes a diffuse image rather than a reflected, intact, optical image.

Painting/Photography: spray paint, aerated pigment, like backscatter, does not depict but senses visually the light, sky. The blur comes from photography, grain, particulate matter.

Landscapes:oscillating landscape, reflection/self-reflection, inversion, interior/exterior, anastrophe (figures of speech), climate, gravity/buoyancy, figurative/no figure, diffusion, effortlessness, a state of being, state of perception. A folding of space. Thinking means ‘folding, doubling the outside with its co-extensive inside’-Deleuze. A topology is created by which inner and outer spaces are in contact with each other.

The familiar: weather, 8.5 x 11, Ground Control and Space Oddity, the commute, "there’s nothing I can do,” suspension. The body in space and time, moving between places.
Ground control: intimate, the voice in your head; weight of painting, history, material, earth, desire to escape from that history.
Boyancy: lack of gravity, counter gravity. Muffled desire, loss of control, grace, forgiveness.

Grids: This kind of grid is a failed Cartesian grid-system of knowing, keeps it moving, not able to capture, multiples, blur, keeps open moments. Is there but not. Diffusion, no place/everyplace. No center, nothing positioning you as the center. The road, point of view shot, embedded in first person, implication you see through someone’s eye (film, photographic). Painting-universal view, invisible, don’t think about it, just are, renaissance perspective. Snap shots embodied in first person
between 2-D and 3-D, folding and unfolding.

For here
Am I sitting in a tin can
Far above the world
Planet Earth is blue
And there's nothing I can do
-David Bowie, Space Oddity