Shaw Osha
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On Doubt Series
“On Doubt” is a series of spray-painted heads cropped like Roman busts except they are not fixed memorials to the subject; instead they are traces of heads scaled up and open to ruminations on the question of doubt. The portraits come from newspaper clippings I collect. They are connected by the central idea of doubt and the various relationships to it. There are those who appear to negate and deny doubt and those who are more interlocked with it. Powerful men of absolutes like Nicky Barnes, the Harlem drug lord of the '70's and Billy Graham seem to be on one end of the continuum. Those with complicated relationships to doubt like Anatole Broyard, the NY Times book editor who passed for white and the poet Philip Booth are at other points with it. Integral to my query is to complicate/blur/search for visual representation rather than state something conclusive about doubt.